February 27, 2011

Teranex Mini 3-in-1 converter

The new three-in-one Teranex Mini compact up/down/cross converter and SD standards converter "is an outstandingly high quality and versatile format and standards converter," claimed James Thomas, Director of Engineering at Preco, its UK distributor. 

It is "an ultra-compact integrated version of the three-separate-chassis system we showed last year, the Mini is ideal for applications such as real-time SD/HD ingest to file-based editing and playout systems. It provides full proc-amp controls, handles eight channels of embedded digital audio and can be operated and updated via browser-compatible software. Features include smart 4:3/16:9 aspect-ratio conversion, PixelMotion de-interlaced format conversion, multi-directional diagonal filtering, temporal recursive noise reduction and per-pixel video/film detection to ensure correct output cadence."

The unit is very small (127x29x216mm) with front panel controls, and can perform real-time SD to HD and HD to SD format conversion between a wide variety of video standards ranging from 480i/59.94 and 576i/50 SD to 1080i/50, 1080i/59.94 and 1080sf/23.98.

Rear-panel connections include one BNC 10-bit SD/HD-SDI 1.485Gbps input with embedded audio, one BNC SD/HD-SDI active-loop output and two BNC SD/HD-SDI 10-bit 1.485Gbps outputs with embedded audio.

Precise adjustment of video settings such as gain, black level, hue, saturation, detail enhancement and sharpness, as well as input/output settings, audio settings, and numerous advanced features, can all be performed via supplied IP-based software.

By David Fox

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