February 27, 2011

iPad, iPhone + Android prompters

Datavideo's new TP-200 prompter for Apple's iPad is a rail-mounted system that can fit a wide range of cameras. It includes camera and tripod support rails, hood and beam splitter glass, but can also be fitted under the lens for use with retro-reflective light rings.

It comes with software for £330, including a wired controller that lets you control the prompting speed from up to three metres.

It can be fitted in both landscape and portrait modes with mirrored or standard text alignments. The iPrompt Pro software can also drive external displays using standard VGA or Composite video cables available for the iPad. The rig is also designed to accommodate Datavideo's £375 DN-60 solid-state CF card recorder, which can capture AVI, .mov or MXF files, or M2T files for HDV camcorders. It currently connects by FireWire, but there will probably be an HD-SDI version by IBC.

The new TP-100 Smartphone Prompter is similar to its old iPrompter, but can be used with a wider range of on-lens mounts, and includes the wired remote. It currently works with the iPhone, but an Android app will be launched at NAB. It costs £275.

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By David Fox

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