February 09, 2011

OConnor CFF-1 follows focus

OConnor's new CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus features modular construction that eliminates the need to juggle separate bridge plates.

The CFF-1 has the lowest clearance available in a double-sided studio unit, and sports a large diameter lens-friendly design. It integrates with existing accessories such as whips, gears, cranks, and is designed to be both camera versatile and to accommodate future accessories.

Another recent innovation is OConnor's O-Grips Handgrip system. They feature single-handle ball joints with high-load capacity, and a rod bridge that fits all three rod standards. The modular O-Grips are stackable for custom applications and can be configured to create double or even multi-joint handles. Each grip is fully adjustable and is capable of a half sphere of stepless articulation. By combining two grips, the range can be extended to a complete sphere.

The new O-Box WM mattebox (pictured) is designed for 16:9 format full-size sensor camera setups, including HD DSLRs. It is compact and accommodates lenses up to 18mm in focal length; some wider. The mattebox can mount up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two each 4x4-inch and 4x5.65-inch, frames included), with the rear frame rotatable through 360º. A third 138mm round filter fits in the optional bellows ring. O-Box WM is claimed to be the first commercially produced mattebox to have integrated handgrip interfaces.

OConnor is also showing its new 2065 Fluid Head at BVE. It is designed for cameras like the Red One, Sony F35, and Arri Alexa. Features include: stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag, and sinusoidal counterbalance that provides, accurate balance at any tilt range point.

By David Fox

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