February 10, 2011

Scout, Phantom + Zephyr blow in

Three new Steadicam rigs will be making their public UK debuts at BVE 2011 (on the Tiffen stand). The lightweight Zephyr, the Scout and the Phantom.

The Zephyr (pictured) supports camera loads of up to 11kg and offers "unique control over the feel of the rig with features usually only found on high-end models." These include a new tool-free gimbal, HD ready out of the box, fully adjustable lower sled for inertial and dynamic balance, side loading stage and a tool-free Iso-Elastic arm, requiring only ounces of force to support the unit throughout its huge boom range.

The Scout offers a precise and versatile lightweight system in an affordable package. Supporting up to 8kg, it has the same side loading stage as the Zephyr, a new base design for adjusting dynamic and inertial balance and the same tool-free performance from its Iso-Elastic arm.

The Phantom is a low cost big rig that performs just like the top-of-the-range Ultra2. Working with loads up to 20kg it includes two posts, the Ultra2 tilt stage, an inertially-adjustable sled, G-70 arm and a SD monitor, upgradeable to a high definition monitor, and a motorised stage.

Also showing are the Tango, which delivers long-sought floor to ceiling boom range with lateral reach and Steadicam stabilisation, and the Smoothee that steadies iPhones and other smartphone videos.

By David Fox

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