February 09, 2011

Octica sees The Light on LEDs

Octica Professional has been chosen as exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland for Thelight's new advanced LED lighting systems, which it will be showing at BVE 2011 next week in London.

Thelight's LED lighting is claimed to offer "absolute lighting control over colour temperature, light intensity and beam direction".

It is available in three formats for both studio and location use, with each model being slim, lightweight, compact and rugged, using ultra-high-output, long-life, low power consumption LEDs that are claimed to give "superior lighting and accurate colour temperature control compared to panel type LED lighting systems."

They use a combination of optical, electronic and thermo-mechanical engineering coupled with direct input from the LED manufacturer, to make lighting easier and faster to set up, with no need for correction gels due to the patented digital variable colour temperature control, dimmer and green/magenta bias. An articulated structure enables instant focusing or flooding of the light beam while the LEDs are supported by specially designed Fresnel lenses that focus and blend the LED beams to deliver a "soft but fully directional light".

The control unit allows digital adjustments of colour temperature calibrated in 100K increments from 2800K to 8500K while light intensity remains constant, stable digital dimming is calibrated in half stop increments.

The initial three-model line up can deliver a high light output: with 10,000, 9,000 or 5,500 Lux at one metre.

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By David Fox

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