March 13, 2011

Audio Developments DSLR mixer

Audio Developments' new AD071 Camera Mixer is small (13.5x9.5x4cm) light weight (400gm), and full of features.

It is envisaged that it will be used in a wide range of applications, but the main focus is for use with HD DSLRs – it has a mic level output on a 3.5mm jack socket for simple connection to a DSLR.

It is a 3-into-2 device with either microphone or line inputs, 48v Phantom power, balanced inputs and outputs on XLR connectors, switched routing, comprehensive aural monitoring of both direct and return signals, and two LED ladders for visual level indication.

Limiters are included in both the input and output signal paths to eliminate the need for having to use automatic gain control.

The mixer can be powered from either a 9v PP3 battery or from an external 9v to 15v DC source.

It costs about £750, and as DoP Mark Moreve (@mjmpictures on Twitter) pointed out, you can get something similar from JuicedLink (which he thinks is "fantastic") for less - indeed, you can have a ready-to-shoot JuicedLink DSLR Audio Bundle for about £500 including microphone and Rycote mount....

By David Fox

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