March 10, 2011

iPhone robotic camera mount

Satarii Star Introduction from Satarii on Vimeo.

Shooting yourself on an iPhone and having the camera follow your every move will be possible with a newly developed camera mount that can automatically point the lens at a remote tracker.

The Satarii Star Camera Base has been designed by a start-up company that raised the $20,000 funding it needed online. It should work with any iPhone-sized camera in landscape or portrait mode, such as a Flip or a small PoV camera, and follows the tracker wherever you hold it.

The two developers are hoping that it will be available for sale late this year, probably at about $200, although this will depend on the final feature set, and production costs. There will also, eventually, be versions for larger cameras. It could be very useful for anyone wanting to shoot their own piece to camera, particularly if they can make a larger version that could be mounted on a tripod and take one of the compact camcorders being used by video journalists.

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By David Fox

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