March 15, 2011

Camtrol primes grand DSLR rigs

Camtrol has introduced two aluminium rigs for DSLRs and smaller cameras, which are particularly useful for low shots, as they have foldout legs to support them on the ground.

The $450 Camtrol Grand is suitable for large DSLRs or compact camcorders, while the $399 Camtrol Prime (below) is for smaller cameras and camcorders, including iPhones. The difference is in the size of the extension for the handle. The picture above shows a Grand with two Camtrol articulating 10cm arms, an LED light, a 7-inch monitor, and Panasonic GH1 camera.

A thumb-controlled remote can be mounted on either rig. The $99 Camtroller is a LANC-based remote control, and coupled with a V-Slope Bracket, puts start, stop, and zoom functions directly under your thumb for single-handed shooting. It works with Sony, Canon, and some Panasonic video cameras and LANC-enabled DSLRs. Its wires can be run through the hollow grip to avoid them snagging in anything.

With three locking ball joints and its vertical stabilizer bar, the Camtrol rigs can be set to numerous customised configurations that allow the user to remain standing while capturing shots at ground level, overhead or around objects.

The long size stabilizer bar on the Grand allows for cameras measuring up to almost 18cm in overall height. The Grand weighs less than 1kg and supports a payload of up to 3.2kg. The standard size stabilizer bar on the Prime allows for cameras measuring up to 9.5cm in overall height. It weighs about 800g and also supports up to 3.2kg.

Camtrol also offers a $31 neoprene-cushioned Mini Clamp for mounting an iPhone or other camera accessories, which can be used with a $60, 10cm, articulating arm.

By David Fox

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