March 10, 2011

Making iMovies on iPad 2 + iPhone

One of the highlights of Apple's introduction of the faster, sleeker, iPad 2 last week was the demonstration of the new version of iMovie for iPad 2, iPhone 4 and the 4th generation iPod Touch.

Although the $4.99/£2.99 app only works with 720p H.264 video, it can be used to create good-looking videos, has three audio tracks (plus one for background music), and looks to be about the easiest non-linear editor yet devised, thanks to its touch-driven interface.

Completed iMovie videos can be uploaded directly to CNN iReports (it even comes with an iReports visual theme), YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or MobileMe, which should extend the usage of iPhone footage on these sites even further – it is already one of the most widely used cameras on these platforms.

If Apple were to bring out a similar touch-screen interface (using the iPad) for the next version of Final Cut Pro (rumoured for release at or around NAB), it would be a great alternative to the mouse – there is already an iPad app that can do this in a basic way (Keypad Pro), as well as apps that allow you to use the iPad to control colour correction (such as Gradiest and vWave-Lite).

Paranmanjang – the 1st iPhone movie 

The first feature shot on an iPhone has already been shown in cinemas (in South Korea).

Director, Park Chan-Wook, who previously shot two movies that won festival prizes at the Cannes Film Festival: Oldboy (2003) and Thirst (2009), used two iPhones as his main cameras on the recently-released Paranmanjang (Night Fishing). There were also contributions from smartphones used by various members of the 80-person crew. It wasn't a tiny budget shoot (costing about $133,000 and shot over ten days), and the iPhones were used with add-on lenses and a variety of other rigs, including on cranes.

If you have shot something on an iOS device, there is an iPhone Film Festival next month (closing date March 31st). Entries must be shot 100% with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (although they can be edited on anything), and there will be three main categories: Best Film (Feature Film [over three minutes], Short Film and Series); Best Music Video; and Best Cinematography (Cinematography and Documentary).

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By David Fox

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  1. I'm really excited about the possibility of making, editing and uploading videos on my iPad 2, which is due to arrive tomorrow.