March 22, 2011

Camera Corps 3D/2D remote control

The new Camera Corps CC-3D Universal RCP will allow six cameras of different makes and models to be comprehensively remote controlled from a single panel.

"The broadcast industry is experiencing a surge in demand for efficient stereoscopic production equipment to meet the needs of new 3D television channels," said Jim Daniels, Camera Corps' technical director. "The CC-3D Universal RCP is equally suitable for use with 3D and 2D systems. Up to two stereoscopic rigs can be controlled on a paired-camera basis to maintain predetermined adjustment offsets between left and right cameras, or as individual cameras if preferred. The panel is intuitive to operate, allowing fast and easy operation during outside broadcasts as well as for live stage or studio events."

The panel, which is due to launch at NAB, has a top row of six channel-selection buttons, assignable to each camera. Fixed-operation buttons are positioned on the next row, each with a specific function and always active regardless of which menu is selected. Below this are two selector buttons that step through various menu screens. Four function-adjustment buttons below the menu screen perform actions on the displayed parameters.

A full set of engineering presets is accessible and, once set, can be password-protected to prevent unauthorised changes. Cue/tally information for all six channels can be accommodated, the colour of the channel select buttons changing from green to red when a cue/tally is active. Cue/tally information is transmitted to any pan/tilt/zoom/focus joystick controllers being used and can be forwarded to the camera. Remote channel selection and remote monitor switching can also be performed.

The Camera Corps data system uses modems to convert the digital control signals into audio style tone signals before transmission. This has advantages over conventional high bit-rate digital data control, including practically unlimited distance as well as easy transmission over RF links and telephone lines. Standard audio cables or CAT5 data cable can be used for control data transmission. The data is simply paralleled using XLR3 splitters for transmission to multiple cameras/heads.

The CC-3D Universal RCP can be operated standalone or fully integrated with other Camera Corps remote control equipment such as the PTZF pan/tilt/zoom/focus switcher, joystick controllers, Q-Ball and HD Mini Zoom cameras and Multi-Rate Re-Clocker. Available in rack mounting or 138x325x75 millimetre 2.1kg desktop case versions, the panel will operate from 9v to 18v DC power and consumes approximately 1.5W.

By David Fox

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