March 10, 2011

Multi-camera iPhone/iOS production

Using a new £5.99 app from Apptopus, directors can now do a multi-camera shoot using iPhones or other iOS devices, with up to four iPhones sharing a WiFi network, and do a live mix on another iPhone or iPad.

The app, CollabraCam, also syncs the video to the director's device, and allows the director to communicate directly with each camera, telling them (visually) to pan a shot or move in for a close up.

The video clips are recorded to each camera and transferred to the director in the background. At the end of the production, when the session is saved, the final clips are uploaded in minutes with automatically generated credits.

Video clips can also be exported for editing in another app or saved via File Sharing in iTunes to edit on a computer.

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By David Fox

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