March 03, 2011

Visio Paso portable LED light

The new Visio Paso portable 100W LED light boasts output equivalent to a 1,000W tungsten unit. Like its sister product, the recently introduced Minima on-camera light, the Paso is notable for its user-defined colour temperature control. It has six temperatures instantly selectable, with each preset fully RGB adjustable, which will save users the need for filters.

"The Paso is the latest in a really exciting series of LED lights. The unit is very flexible - it will be at home both in the studio and on location. For any professional needing bright, cool, reliable lighting, the Paso is a Godsend. We think it's going to be very popular for lighting interviews or any production that needs fast but highly controlled illumination," said Nick Allen-Miles, MD of Ianiro UK, its distributor.

Launched at BVE 2011 in London recently, the Paso has good colour fidelity, with a CRI in excess of 90%, and costs £999. It includes built-in DMX control, and its power consumption is a modest 0.6 amps, which will apparently allow it to run off a typical professional battery pack for days. On the Visio site it is called the Parsoni X100-M (on the photo of the rear of the unit it is called the Pasolite 100M).

By David Fox

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